Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn., June 16, 2007


Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn. (photo by Sue Murphy) Next on our schedule, Sue is leading us on a hike on Pike's Peak (no, not that one). See her hike preview:

You won't find Plymouth Mountain listed in many of the guidebooks, it's a pretty well kept secret. But for a quick hike with great views, it is a classic!

Plymouth Mountain, approximately 5-plus miles, lies in Plymouth, northeast of Newfound Lake. The true summit is wooded, but nearby ledges afford excellent views. The Plymouth Mountain trail provides access to the summit from the town of Hebron. The Fauver Link Trail (which we will take) to Sutherland trail is a newer trail from Plymouth on the north side of the mountain and makes a longer, but more satisfying ascent from the traditional route. It also provides access to a knob called "Pike's Peak", a ledge with an excellent view north and east and outstanding views from Squam Lake all the way north to the Waterville and Franconia Ranges.

Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn. (photo by Sue Murphy) A possible side trip before or after hiking the trail for spectacular views of Newfound Lake and a seldom seen cemetery dating back before the Revolutionary War.

All will converge at the ASHLAND Burger King off 93 and "follow the leader" as the trailhead is not easy to find.

NEXT HIKE: June 16, Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn.
MEETING SPOTS: Rite Aide on Rt. 11 in Farmington at 7:45 a.m.
Exit 14 off of Rt. 93, LL Bean/Hannaford side, Concord at 8:00 a.m.
Burger King in Ashland at 9:00 a.m.

Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn. (photo by Sue Murphy)

Trail Report

Saturday Sue took the group to Pike's Peak, here is her hike review: Fourteen happy hikers met at the Burger King in Ashland at 9 a.m. It was a beautiful day despite the weather warnings for possible T-showers. The trip to the trailhead was a hike in itself with many twists and turns, a dirt road and a left at the big rock in the middle of the road! The hike was very successful and at 1-1/2 hours of steady climbing at a moderate grade we reached the ledges of Pike Peak. There Jeff got out the Scudder's White Mountain Viewing Guide and we managed to identify the mountains on the horizon. It was a clear day with a lovely view.

Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn. (photo by Sue Murphy) Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn. (photo by Sue Murphy)

After another half mile of mostly ledge we reached the summit of Plymouth Mtn. Lots of room to spread out and relax. Charlie even got in his power nap! Sue had to head back down ahead of the group due to a previous commitment and she thanks everyone for their understanding! (I did realize once I got down that possibly remembering the way back to Burger King might be a challenge....AND I neglected to tell you of the ice cream spot! Sorry! Too much on my mind......:)

Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn. (photo by Sue Murphy) Pike's Peak / Plymouth Mtn. (photo by Sue Murphy)

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