South and Middle Moat, July 8, 2006

Moat Preview

South Moat hike is 2.3 miles at 2150 ft. to summit - approximately 2 hr. 15 min. A moderate hike with excellent views in all directions.

NEXT HIKE: July 8, South & Middle Moat
MEETING SPOT: 8:00 am at Mobil Puffin Stop, Rt. 16 & 109 - Wakefield, NH
HIKE LEADER: Holly Clause

Trail Report


Here is Holly's Moat report:

We finally did the Moat hike and what a beautiful, clear, sunny day it was. We began the hike with a group of 13 hikers. This ridge bound hike allowed continuous panoramic views most of way to the summit. Some described the view as "mystic" like a "watercolor painting" with various hues of blue mountain silhouettes in every direction. A few folks lounged and sunbathed at the summit of south moat while other trek-ed a big .06 miles to middle moat summit. The hike was 2.9 miles to the middle summit at 2800' lasting approx. 5 hours total. We finished the day with a healthy snack at Dam ice cream.

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Moat Moat